Creating Nested Sequences for Multi-Camera Editing in Premiere Pro

For anyone involved in video production and multi-camera shoots, even if it’s something as simple as a two camera interview then the features available in modern NLEs (Non-linear Editors) for multi-camera video editing can be a boon.
If however, you happen have clips from multiple cameras, and perhaps separate files from an audio recorder as well, that you want sync with a third party application like Red Giant’s Plural Eyes you will find that Adobe Premiere Pro will import the resulting .xml file as a standard sequence not a multi-camera sequence, meaning that you won’t benefit from the streamlined multi-camera workflow of being able to switch camera angles via a simple keystroke and have Premiere pro remember that selection as an edit.
Similarly, if you have put your footage in sync the traditional way, by means of a clapperboard, handclaps or mic taps you will face the same problem.
How then can you turn this sequence into a multi-camera sequence and take advantage of the speedy editing features available in that mode?
Here’s a quick video tutorial that shows how it can be done.

Video Transcript

Hello I just wanted to do a quick video on how to turn any sequence in Premiere

Pro into a multi-camera sequence because this is something that foxed me to be

perfectly honest until I figured out how to do it, so we’ve got our project set up

here I’ve brought in two sequences in advance that contain two cameras

locked off wide a close-up camera and separate audio from a separate audio

recorder so let’s open those up I’ve used plural eyes as I said you might

have synced them manually or done it in Premiere Pro what whatever you think

best, so here’s my sequence and so what we need to do is… I’m just going to take

these first clips here because that’s a very obvious section to work on there

where I’m highlighting there’s lots of tracks from the audio recorder that we

need to make sure we include and select all of those right click on that

selection and we’re going to choose ‘nest’ ‘nested sequence 05’ okay, so you

can see that that’s popped all the video clips, the audio clips remain but the

video clips are popped into this nested sequence now, and actually if we double

click on that sequence it opens up the original clips as they were. And so now

what we need to do is select that nested sequence and select multi-camera enable

and then go over to our viewer settings here with the spanner icon and select

‘multi camera’ so this is our output here on the right and then selected in yellow

is camera 1 which is selected to key one on your keyboard and then camera two

which is allocated to key two on your keyboard so now if we play through this

sequence we can make our shot choices as we go and Premiere Pro should remember

it for us – let’s see!

Out to the wide!

Back to the close…

and key number 2 to go back to the wide…

No 1 brings us back o the wide.

so let’s see if that’s worked. Let’s zoom in a bit on our timeline so there you

can you can see the lines where we’ve made those cuts there, let’s just play through that.

So then you can use the rolling edit tool to adjust the timing of those

cuts between the cameras just slide that cut around like that.

There we go I hope that helps!

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